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"this is an official blog of GAYBUNNEH.TINIE is the active blogger right now and she will write down all things that happen to her and GAYBUNNEH."

cupcake :) Friday, May 29, 2009 |

cupcake and mentos with coke yg x jadi :D

yeah. today went to chucky's house.then singgah kedai bought some stuff.
konon na buat coke n mentos explode. but the end coke habis da. cuz ktorng minum ! cheers :)
pastuh start buat cupcake ! which is very very sedap :DD

penny with the auto-manual machine.

chef chucky showing her skill with strawberry apron :)

and the result tadaaaa!! :DD

actually en,byk ktowng wat. tp da habis cuz ktowng mkn :D

RPS teacher's day Thursday, May 21, 2009 |

well, actually we've been a lil retard on that day ! hahah.

jai-ho !!

chicken dance!!

retarded!! Friday, May 8, 2009 |

mior ammar
this retarded kid really annoy me a lot !
he keep calling me GEMOK just because my pipi kembong kembong.
really iritates me !!

fyi, i dont even care bout wut u want to call me.
as long as i am hepy with my life. hey you little kid ! could you please keep your bluddy mouth shut? (bak kate miss thang )

try to cheer up the day Thursday, May 7, 2009 |

We be havin fun, no one could do the things that we do ,I remember all the scams we been through, together ,nobody does it better on which you do the weather ,the days we used to mess the class ,I loved em and every spot that we rocked, you know we got down ,it seems to me a crime that we should age ,these fragile times should never slip us by , a time you never can or shall erase ,i always know i can count on your genuine smile ,we'll be together till the end of the time ,you lift me up when i hit the ground ,keeping me from going up and why ,but we'll keep you close as always ,it won't even seem you've gone ,cause our hearts in big and small ways ,will keep the love that keeps us strong ,and friends are friends forever ,if ,and a friend will not say never, cause the welcome will not end ,though it's hard to let you go ,with the faith and love God's given ,springing from the hope we know ,we will pray the joy you'll live in ,is the strength that now you show ,that a lifetime's not too long ,to live as friends