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"this is an official blog of GAYBUNNEH.TINIE is the active blogger right now and she will write down all things that happen to her and GAYBUNNEH."

Another day :) Thursday, April 2, 2009 |

Ouh Ein!!! the most active blogger.
Budak 2 di bwh tak selalu pon on this blog :P

Ouh yeah. The Fatins: Tinie dan Fa10

Ouh Adobe Photoshop. My heaven for editing photos!!! Need more practice to get damn good on it. I have very little to say. lol!


I overheard on my bus, there's this person in my school acts like a fucking bitch. Ingat dye hebat la sgt. Eventhough I know very little about her, tp her attitude make me sick! People said she kutuk RPS suck which actually is exactly correct but she baru pindah, dah nk judge that school. C'mon lah beb, sekola u not that awesome pon. Haha.